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Please complete this form to let us know that you have taken over responsibility for your new property.
Please do not complete or submit this information until you have taken possession of the property.
Before you start, please make a note of your meter serial number and the current meter reading.  Help. 

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Account Holder(s)

Before entering your personal details, we need to inform you that 95 Degrees reserves the right to identity and credit check all new customers. In doing so, we will at all times use best practice and conform to UK law.

95 Degrees is part of the BUUK Infrastructure Group of companies.

95 Degrees collects and records personal information which you supply to us for training and other purposes. We may share this information with credit reference, or fraud prevention agencies and other BUUK Infrastructure Group Companies. For more information about how we use and maintain the security of your data, please refer to our privacy policy section on our website.

From time to time, we send marketing information to keep you updated on the services we provide. Would you like to receive marketing information? You can choose to opt out or in at any time by logging into your online account or by contacting us.

If you tick this box you are opting in to receive marketing information. If you leave it unticked you are opting out.

Please enter details of the secondary account holder, if applicable.

Contact Details

In an effort to save paper, we will send all correspondence via e-mail where possible.

About Your New Property

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Billing - There are two ways to pay for your heat usage, Direct Debit and Pay As You Go

If you decide to pay by Direct Debit, you have two choices:

  • You can choose to receive a bill monthly and pay the entire balance due.
    This means your bills should be less in the summer and more in the winter. If you select this option, we will send you a notification every month to let you know that your bill is available to view on the website. You won't receive a bill from us in the post.
  • You can choose to receive a bill quarterly and pay a fixed amount every month by direct debit.
    This should protect you from paying higher bills over the winter. We will send you a bill on a quarterly basis so that you can keep track of the current balance on your account and increase or decrease your direct debit amounts if you need to. You can choose to receive these by post or by e-mail.

If you decide to use Pay As You Go:

  • We also offer a Pay As You Go service if you need to manage your budget. We won't have to swap your meter and you will not be charged a higher rate on either the variable charge or standing charge. There are a variety of convenient ways to top-up your credit including Payzone, debit cards or credit cards. However, to make sure we can offer the same great deal to both our direct debit and Pay As You Go customers you may be charged a fee depending on the method you use to top up your credit. Read more information on these charges.
Receive your bills by e-mail and help the environment.
As above

Billing Address

Complete the below if you would like bills to be sent to an alternative address.

Individual Services

Would you like to sign up to any of our individual needs services?
If you would like to be added to our register, please complete the below form. Please be assured that the details you provide will be held in the strictest confidence.

Please add the other service

Doorstep Password Service

We offer a doorstep password service, which will give you peace of mind that the caller is a genuine 95 Degrees representative. Once you have registered, any caller claiming to be from 95 Degrees will need to quote your password to gain entry to your property. This service is free of charge and available to all customers. If you require the doorstep password service, please enter a password of between 6 and 30 characters.

Password is required

Terms & Conditions

Please note that when you submit your registration, you confirm that the information you provide is accurate to the best of your knowledge. You agree to take responsibility for omissions regarding your failure to provide accurate information.

Your heating and hot water services would normally start 14 days from today's date. However if you would like them start immediately, we can do this but please be aware if you decide to cancel your order within the next 14 days you may be charged for any heating and hot water services used from today onwards.

Please confirm that by placing an order with 95 Degrees, you understand that you are entering into a contract with binding legal obligations. By accepting the terms and conditions, you are confirming that you are the owner or the current occupier of the home.
Terms & Conditions 

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