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As your Meter is not visible, you have been provided with a Home Display Unit.

Most displays will look like the example shown here.

You can view the latest heat meter reading on your Home Display Unit by looking at the 'total/power volume' section of the display.

Home Display Unit

Meter Serial Number

As your Meter is not visible, you will find your unique serial number on a sticker located on your Heat Interface Unit.

Home Display Location

You will find your Home Display Unit located on or near the Home Interface Unit, a large white box, which is generally located in a storage cupboard at your property. If you have any issues locating your Home Display Unit, please contact our Customer Services team. Please note that the Meter, regardless of its location, is the property of 95Degrees and it's a criminal offence to tamper with it.

What To Do If You Think Your Meter Or Home Display Unit Is Faulty

If you think your Meter or Home Display Unit is faulty, please call us on 02920 028725 and we will check it. If you request to have your Meter tested, we may need to remove it, replace it with a new one, and send the original to be independently tested. If your Meter has tested as faulty, the charges will be adjusted to reflect the correct level of consumption. We will calculate this from the date the Meter became faulty.

Please keep in mind that if your Meter is not faulty, you may be charged for the test, the replacement of the meter, and other administrative costs.