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95Degrees is committed to delivering an eco-friendly, affordable service that is kind to the environment and your pockets.

If you are feeling the pinch with your heating bills or want to extend your commitment to sustainable heating, here are a few of our expert tips on how you could save energy in your home.

Using Heat Wisely At Home

How To Use Heat Wisely At Home

  • Know your usage - read your meter or Home Display Unit regularly, this means you can keep up to date with how much energy you are using
  • Make sure your water heater thermostat is not set too high - even turning down the heat by 1 degree will save you money on your heat bill
  • Have a shower, not a hot bath
  • Don't block your radiators - for instance don't dry laundry on the radiators and don't obstruct them with furniture
  • Make sure to turn the heat off when you are not in your home
  • Seal off any unused room - turn down the thermostats in rooms that are not being used, for instance spare rooms, and place draught excluders below the doors
  • Learn to love socks - if your feet are cold your whole body will feel cold, so, especially in winter, start wearing socks
  • Close your curtains - make sure to close your curtains at night, this will help to reduce heat loss and keep cold air at bay
  • Mend dripping taps - a dripping tap can fill a bath in a day and if it is the hot water tap then water is being heated unnecessarily

Simple changes.

Simple changes can save a lot.

If you have any questions or more ideas on how to save energy, we'd love to hear them.

So call our Customer Service team.