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95 Degrees does things differently.

We deliver eco-friendly heat at an affordable, comparable rate. This means that you can do your bit for the environment and future generations, without compromising your family's budget.

The rate at which we supply our heat is split into two parts:

A fixed service charge
£300.447 per annum including VAT
£286.14 per annum excluding VAT

A metered heat charge
5.88p/kWh including VAT
5.60p/kWh excluding VAT

Three Coins

The Daily standing charge is paid per day. So for example,
£286.14 / 365 days in a year = £0.7839 per day before VAT.

If there is a leap year, the charges would be
£286.14 / 366 days in a leap year = £0.7818 per day before VAT.

Our fixed service charge reflects the contribution your property has made to the upkeep and management of your Heat Interface Unit and the Community Heating network that supplies your unit. Depending on if you are a Pay As You Go or Post Pay customer, this set daily rate is either included in your monthly bill or is taken from the credit you have purchased.

For rental units, some of the fixed service charge may be paid separately by your landlord. This will be collected in a reduced daily fixed service charge.

The metered heat charge is directly related to the heat that you take from the network.

All of 95 Degrees customers are charged our standard metered heating rate - unlike other heating providers, 95 Degrees does not penalise Pay As You Go customers by charging a premium.

We review and determine this charge periodically, by considering wholesale energy costs and fluctuations in the energy market.

Any changes to our metered heat charge will be outlined to our customers in writing with 31 days notice.

We accurately monitor your heat consumption by taking remote meter readings at least once an hour and basing your bill on the most up to date readings. However, if you are concerned that your bill seems too high or even too low, please contact our Customer Services team.