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What do I do if I believe my Meter or home display is faulty?

If you suspect that the Meter or Home Display Unit is faulty, you can contact us on 02920 028725 and request that we test it. The Meter and/or Home Display Unit will be tested and, if and when necessary, removed and replaced.

What is the Meter serial number and where can I find it?

Your Meter serial number can be found on a label on the side of your Heat Interchange Unit, a large white box normally located in a store cupboard.

Will you need access to the property to get a meter reading?

Our technology allows us to remotely read your heat Meter on an hourly basis, without requiring access to your home. The only time we may require access, is if there is an issue gathering your reading automatically, in which case, we may need to take a manual reading until the problem is resolved.