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Will I be paying more to receive eco-friendly heat and hot water, than I would do for non eco-friendly?

95Degrees operates a Fair Pricing Policy. We believe that our customers should pay no more for eco-friendly heating and hot water than they would for a regular gas heating system. Your heat price is determined by a pricing formula that is outlined in your customer contract. If we do have to change your charges, we will notify you at least 31 days before they are introduced.

Will 95Degrees have to visit my property to take my heat meter read, to know how much to charge me?

95Degrees reads your heat meter remotely, every hour of every day. This means you will only be charged for the heat you use. The Heat Interface Unit (HIU) in your property contains a smart meter that delivers your hourly meter reading to our expert teams.

What is the rate at which you supply our heat?

The rate at which we supply your heat is split into two parts:

  • A standing charge
  • A metered heat charge

Our standing charge reflects the contribution your property has made to the upkeep and management of your Heat Interface Unit and the district heating network that supplies your Unit.

This set daily rate is directly taken from the credit you have purchased.

The metered heat charge is directly related to the heat that you take from the network. All of 95Degrees' customers are charged our standard metered heating rate - unlike other heating providers, 95Degrees does not penalise Pay As You Go customers by charging a premium.

Why can't I change supplier?

You cannot choose a heat supplier in the same way as you can choose a gas and electricity supplier - at the moment, all customers are billed by the company that owns the network that their property is connected to, similar to the way that water companies operate.

How do I know if pre-paying for my bill is the right option for me?

Pay As You Go heating could suit your household if you want an easier way to control your energy consumption and budget. Our Pay As You Go service allows you to pre-pay for your heat rather than accumulating a bill at the end of each month, or quarter that is paid by monthly Direct Debit. This means you can budget for your heat and keep track of how much you're spending.

How can I switch from being a Pay As You Go customer to paying my bills by monthly Direct Debit?

This is a simple remote transfer that can be completed by contacting our customer services team on 02920 028725. However, this transfer will be dependent on passing a full credit check and all debt accumulated with 95Degrees must have been cleared before making the transfer.

Who will be responsible for paying for the heat charges?

The occupier is responsible for paying the heat charges, unless another person, such as the landlord of the property, has previously agreed to pay for charges incurred.

As a landlord, do I still have to pay the daily standing charges, even if no one is residing at the property?

Daily standing charges (where shown) are payable whether or not heat is consumed at your property.

What help can someone with individual needs get to help manage their bills and heating service?

Customers with individual needs may nominate someone who can help them manage their heating service and bills.

This nominee can:

  • Be the person to whom your bill is sent
  • Be the person to whom any enquiry will be made by us in the event of a bill not being paid
  • Pay the bill on your behalf, although they will not be held legally liable for the bill