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Sustainable development is not a term that should be used lightly!

Sustainable development can help build a better future, combating global warming and reducing carbon emissions which harm the macro environment.

95Degrees believe in building towards a sustainable future whilst incorporating our business values and our dedication to our customers.

We deliver heating and hot water to our customers, which is eco-friendly and great for a sustainable future!

We all strive for a healthier living environment, which is why we are committed to making heating your home or business, simple and easy and good for the environment.

95Degrees is different to most energy providers, in that we generate energy on-site through our district heating system, reducing the amount of waste energy that is released into the air.

Typically, de-centralised networks waste approximately 60% of heat energy. At 95Degrees we are proud to announce we achieve approximately 80% efficiency, as we generate our heat locally.

This means we're helping the UK to reach its carbon emissions targets.

The UK government has committed to reducing carbon emissions by 20% by 2020, which is why we developed the 95Degrees district heating system, guaranteeing you, the customer, heat whenever you need it, and the guarantee that together, we are helping the environment and working towards a sustainable future!

Using Heat Wisely At Work