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As a business ourselves, we know it is a time for cutting costs and watching spend.

To make sure that your heating bill is helping your budget rather than exceeding it, we have developed a few key energy saving tips that can keep down your heat consumption.

Using Heat Wisely At Work

Key Energy Saving Tips

  • Know your usage - read your Meter regularly, this means you can keep up to date on how much energy you are using
  • Involve your staff - work out an action plan and get everyone involved in brainstorming energy efficient ideas. Find advice on creating an energy awareness campaign on the Carbon Trust website
  • Assign Energy Champions - assign energy responsibilities to certain members of staff, for instance they could be in charge of reminding people to not use the hot tap too often or turning lights off in rooms not in use
  • Draught proofing the office - for instance, brush strips for use on internal and external doors and rubber seals for door and window gaps. For more ideas contact the Carbon Trust
  • Keep doors and windows closed while the heating is on
  • Zoning - some areas in large buildings require different levels of heating. A solution to this is to create zones in the buildings where separate time and temperature controls are installed for individual areas, e.g. a multi-storey building can be zoned floor by floor
  • Turning the heating off when no one is in the building
  • Adopt some of the energy assessment tools - these include The Energy Management Matrix and The Energy Management Assessment. Contact the Carbon Trust for more details

Simple changes.

Simple changes can save a lot.

Give our Customer Service team a call if you have more ideas about how to save energy or if you have any questions.