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At 95Degrees we supply sustainable heat to Businesses.

We know green energy and are passionate about helping our customers become more eco-friendly.

The UK government has committed to reducing carbon emissions by 20% and increasing the capacity of renewable energy to 15% by 2020. Currently energy consumption in the home represents a quarter of the UK's carbon emissions.

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This is a time for change and that is why we developed the 95Degrees District Heating system.

Our energy centre generates heat on-site for the local properties, meaning that the 95Degrees network is capable of circa 80% efficiency compared to traditional networks, which produce energy off-site to serve large geographic areas and can waste approximately 60% of primary energy into the atmosphere.

This way, we can keep achieving our carbon emission targets and reduce environmental effects, as well as making sure that you have heat available whenever you need it.

Here at 95Degrees, we are responsible for operating and maintaining the District Heating system that drops off the heat to your home. This means that we take care of operating the energy centre, purchasing the fuels that generate the heat energy itself, distributing the heat energy across the heat network, and make sure the network is working at its most efficient.

Our well-nurtured vision is simple - we deliver affordable low carbon energy.

This is our commitment to the future of energy consumption, as a company, as a team and as individuals.

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