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95Degrees does things differently.

We deliver eco-friendly heat at an affordable, comparable rate. This means that your company can do its bit for the environment and future generations, without breaking the budget.

The rate at which we supply our heat is split into two parts:

  • A variable charge based on the amount of heat consumed
  • A fixed standing charge
Business coins

The variable charge is based on the per kilowatt hours (kWh) of heat consumed during the bill period at the supply address. This may be based on an estimate or actual Meter reading.

We review and determine this charge periodically, by considering wholesale energy costs and fluctuations in the energy market. Any changes to our metered heat charge will be outlined to our customers in writing with 30 days notice.

The charge has been benchmarked against a full warranty service for a traditional commercial boiler plant, sized to deliver the heat load requested on your supply application form.

95Degrees will be responsible for providing the heat requested on your application form.

The 95Degrees standing charge is linked to applied heat capacity for three reasons:

  • The District Heating network has finite available heat capacity; 95Degrees must ensure services can be provided to all connected users.
  • The connection application form is a contracted and auditable measure of required capacity.
  • Each building will have a different requirement dependant on building use (a 25,000m² hotel has a different heat demand to a 25,000m² office block).

Please contact the95Degrees Customer Services team and they will be happy to discuss your requirements further and provide a quote if required.